Ultima Online has been always an exceptional and unique game. Forefather of all the MMORPG and unequalled until now (hundred of different character templates, dozens of skills, housing, etc.), avoiding a humdrum routine as player.

So it's not surprising that, after 18 years (september 2015), there is still a great community looking for a new server day after day.

All of us grow up and think every year that it's not possible to be everlasting, that's when we abandon Britannia... but past is always remembering us that Ultima Online never closes the door in the end.


These are the reasons for UO Awakening to come out of the shadows


UO AWAKENING is a Ultima Online free server. We are trying to fix the mistakes of the past in order to create a big and active player community, all around the world, offering multilanguage support, mainly english and spanish.





- The most important thing is the player:

      • · We try to improve the game experience: enjoy while training your skills to play as a PvM or PvP.
      • · Before applying changes, we explain them to you, to know your opinion.
      • · Listening carefully to your suggestions to enhance the server..


- Dedicated and experienced Staff, honest and neutral above everything.


- Not sticked to an OSI Style: we understand there are things could be improved and/or customized.


- Fixing errors continuously as well as adding new content.


- A detailed list with all the features.


Still in doubt?


Click here, play for free and you won't escape!